Pioneers and Practitioners

Seeing the shift from analog to digital technology and understanding the implications and possibilities that came with it for all media,
Seeger was instrumental in forming American Media Services Interactive LLC, (AMSi). Through practices and products created by Seeger for the digital format, your  business can maximize online resources and achieve proven results.

Digital Radio.

If you are just streaming your Radio signal and think you are doing what you need to do to compete in the digital arena, you are wrong. Seeger Media can help you create a digital presence that will carry your brand and offer the same features as any online streaming platform.  Content enhancement and monetization of online efforts continue to be two of the primary hurtles in creating an online broadcasting entity.  Seeger Media provides the answers and results-driven options to maximize digital efforts.  

In starting up AMSi, Seeger and his team developed an on- line streaming music platform,  With over 250 channels of pre programmed music and audio on demand (AOD), allowed users to customize listening experiences for individuals or for corporate applications. Today, although in a developmental beta format and never promoted, has had over 10 million users with even more consumers discovering and listening to its music presentation daily. 

Customized Digital Broadcasting.

A web-based religious streaming service called “His 24/7 Player“ is also available from Seeger Media's MessageWorks division.  Providing thirteen music channels and a sermon archiving system, these services allow churches to play back sermons on demand.  

Colligate Radio was created as another digital platform available from Seeger Media.  With this service, a college radio station and message center could be available to students digitally with the added opportunity for monetization.  

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