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 Radio fact: The more people in the coverage area of a radio station, the greater the opportunity for it to make money.

In 1997, this fact was the driving force behind Edward Seeger's creation of American Media Services (AMS), LLC as a premier development company and brokerage firm for radio properties across the United States.  As President and CEO of AMS, Seeger worked to create the optimum coverage area for all client properties.  As a function of his position at AMS, Seeger also served as the Managing Member of over four dozen companies formed to own and operate radio stations in markets nationwide.  

Seeger and his development division at AMS have completed over twenty Development Scenario transactions and increased the aggregate value of 27 stations by more than $300 million. Since 2003, AMS has generated gross proceeds of more than $75 million and operating cash flow of approximately $30 million.   



Brokerage and Development Services

Seeger Media is unmatched in its ability to locate and create profitable opportunities for broadcast property owners.  We provide extensive engineering and marketing exploratory services as well as creation of the complete move in scenario.  Our long list of successful developmental scenarios speaks to the quality of services available from Seeger Media.   

Developmental scenario highlights and the subsequent sale of stations in the following markets were accomplished by Seeger and American Media Services LLC: 

  1. Dallas, TX, Class C FM was moved within market, Facilitated sale to ABC radio
  2. Houston, TX, Class C FM was moved into market, Facilitated sale to Cumulus Media
  3. Philadelphia, PA, Class A FM was moved into market, Facilitated sale to Radio One
  4. Trenton, PA, Increased power of existing station for Nassau Broadcasting
  5. Denver, CO, Class A FM was moved into market, Facilitated sold sale
  6. Denver, CO, Two Class C FM’s were moved into market, Facilitated sale
  7. Minneapolis, MN, Class C3 moved into market; Facilitated sale to Hubbard
  8. Asheville, NC, Two stations moved into market, Facilitated sale to Clear Channel
  9. Asheville, NC, One station moved into market, One Station purchased, Facilitated sale of (2) to Saga
  10. New York, NY, Class A FM moved from CT into the New York market in a partnership with Cox Media, Facilitated sale to Educational Media Foundation for Cox Media



Technical and Engineering Consulting.

If your Radio stations signal is a problem, Seeger Media has expert engineers who can review individual situations and determine improvement options.  With expertise in station development that has spanned decades, Seeger Media can provide the assistance to enhance not only a station's signal; but ultimately the overall revenue and value potential as well.  

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 Mignon Clyburn first voted to study scrapping the Main Studio rule – then voted to keep it.
That’s not unusual in Washington, where a lawmaker or regulator might not like the looks of a final proposal. That’s the case with Democratic FCC Commissioner Clyburn, who yesterday joined fellow Dem Jessica Rosenworcel in voting to keep the rule. Clyburn says the vote signals that the FCC no longer “believes [that] those awarded a license to use the public airwaves should have a local presence in their communities.