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Radio station Broker who has facilitated over $500 million in Radio station transactions . Deep knowledge and understanding of new Digital Media as well. We have developed cutting edge digital companies and helped others acquire and sell digital companies as well.

We are dedicated to providing confidential Brokerage services to accomplish either the sale of your stations or buying stations in the US.

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 From traditional radio, television and publishing media to digital and emerging media, Seeger Media is poised to create solutions for today's media.

  • Broadcast Brokerage and Development
  • Broadcast Programming Consulting
  • Broadcast Technical and Engineering Consulting
  • New Media Consulting and Development
  • Digital Radio      
  • Customized Digital Broadcasting.

For over four decades, Seeger Media has been at the forefront of worldwide media.  Under the leadership of founder, Edward F. Seeger, Seeger Media can provide your project or property with proven results to reach its growth potential or to facilitate a profitable merger, sale or complete move in scenario.  

Through an unequaled depth of experience, Seeger Media can create opportunities for positioning, partnering and promoting traditional media as well as to realize immersion potential in today's digital platforms.  Contact Seeger Media today for a confidential meeting. 


 Radio fact: The more people in the coverage area of a radio station, the greater the opportunity for it to make money.

In 1997, this fact was the driving force behind Edward Seeger's creation of American Media Services (AMS), LLC as a premier development company and brokerage firm for radio properties across the United States.  As President and CEO of AMS, Seeger worked to create the optimum coverage area for all client properties.  As a function of his position at AMS, Seeger also served as the Managing Member of over four dozen companies formed to own and operate radio stations in markets nationwide.  

Seeger and his development division at AMS have completed over twenty Development Scenario transactions and increased the aggregate value of 27 stations by more than $300 million. Since 2003, AMS has generated gross proceeds of more than $75 million and operating cash flow of approximately $30 million.  



Brokerage and Development Services

Seeger Media is unmatched in its ability to locate and create profitable opportunities for broadcast property owners.  We provide extensive engineering and marketing exploratory services as well as creation of the complete move in scenario.  Our long list of successful developmental scenarios speaks to the quality of services available from Seeger Media.   

Developmental scenario highlights and the subsequent sale of stations in the following markets were accomplished by Seeger and American Media Services LLC: 

  1. Dallas, TX, Class C FM was moved within market, Facilitated sale to ABC radio
  2. Houston, TX, Class C FM was moved into market, Facilitated sale to Cumulus Media
  3. Philadelphia, PA, Class A FM was moved into market, Facilitated sale to Radio One
  4. Trenton, PA, Increased power of existing station for Nassau Broadcasting
  5. Denver, CO, Class A FM was moved into market, Facilitated sold sale
  6. Denver, CO, Two Class C FM’s were moved into market, Facilitated sale
  7. Minneapolis, MN, Class C3 moved into market; Facilitated sale to Hubbard
  8. Asheville, NC, Two stations moved into market, Facilitated sale to Clear Channel
  9. Asheville, NC, One station moved into market, One Station purchased, Facilitated sale of (2) to Saga
  10. New York, NY, Class A FM moved from CT into the New York market in a partnership with Cox Media, Facilitated sale to Educational Media Foundation for Cox Media

Even in the challenging economy of 2010, Edward Seeger was responsible for over $18 million dollars of transactions including the largest single FM sale of the year for Cox Media for facilitating the sale of WCTZ to Educational Media Foundation.  Seeger’s company created the move in scenario and partnered with Cox in moving the station from Connecticut to serve the New York market.  At the conclusion of the move, Seeger also brokered the sale of the property.  



Traditional Media Consulting

Radio from the beginning.

Edward F. Seeger began his broadcasting career in high school working at a local AM/FM radio station in South Carolina and continued to work as a radio announcer during his years at the University of South Carolina. 

At the age of 21, Seeger became the youngest owner/operator of a radio station in the U.S. driven by his love of broadcasting, hard work in programming and hands-on management skills.  Under his ownership, WKSP was recognized as the “Station of the Year" by the South Carolina Broadcasters Association and Seeger was named the Broadcaster of the Year. 

Radio programming accomplishments.

  • Programmed the number one rated Urban format radio station in America – WBLX FM Mobile , “ The Beat of the Bay " achieving the highest average quarter hour share in America by Arbitron
  • Programmed the number one rated Oldies format in America – WOXL “ Oldies 96.5 “ achieving the highest average quarter hour share in America by Arbitron
  • Billboard Magazine named WKSP the Small Market Station of the Year for 1972 – Seeger was responsible for all on-air programming.. Two on-air personalities, including Seeger, were named Outstanding Radio Personalities of the Year by Billboard.



What This Experience Can Mean For Your Property:

On Air Programming Consulting.

Seeger Media has years of on air and management experience and can offer radio station owners consult with practical solutions starting from the basics of market evaluations to determine the best format and presentation to creating new and competitive format options.  If you own a Radio station and you want to improve your on air presentation, Seeger Media can assist you. 

Technical and Engineering Consulting.

If your Radio stations signal is a problem, Seeger Media has expert engineers who can review individual situations and determine improvement options.  With expertise in station development that has spanned decades, Seeger Media can provide the assistance to enhance not only a station's signal; but ultimately the overall revenue and value potential as well.  



Pioneers and Practitioners

Seeing the shift from analog to digital technology and understanding the implications and possibilities that came with it for all media, 
Seeger was instrumental in forming American Media Services Interactive LLC, (AMSi). Through practices and products created by Seeger for the digital format, your  business can maximize online resources and achieve proven results. 

Digital Radio.

If you are just streaming your Radio signal and think you are doing what you need to do to compete in the digital arena, you are wrong. Seeger Media can help you create a digital presence that will carry your brand and offer the same features as any online streaming platform.  Content enhancement and monetization of online efforts continue to be two of the primary hurtles in creating an online broadcasting entity.  Seeger Media provides the answers and results-driven options to maximize digital efforts.  In starting up AMSi, Seeger and his team developed an on- line streaming music platform, www.theradio.com.  With over 250 channels of pre programmed music and audio on demand (AOD), TheRadio.com allowed users to customize listening experiences for individuals or for corporate applications. Today, although in a developmental beta format and never promoted, TheRadio.com has had over 10 million users with even more consumers discovering and listening to its music presentation daily. 

Customized Digital Broadcasting.

A web-based religious streaming service called “His 24/7 Player“ is also available from Seeger Media's MessageWorks division.  Providing thirteen music channels and a sermon archiving system, these services allow churches to play back sermons on demand.  Colligate Radio was created as another digital platform available from Seeger Media.  With this service, a college radio station and message center could be available to students digitally with the added opportunity for monetization. 

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